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Residential Solutions
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Whitney Electrical & Solar can provide all your residential electrical requirements. With a wealth skills and knowledge in residential services Whitney Electrical & Solar is certain to have the solution you are looking for. Our reliable and exceptional service makes Whitney Electrical & Solar the smart choice for your residential projects and developments around Southern Tasmania. From repairing your hotwater service to complete home automation. Take a look at the list of some services we can offer.



installing home appliances

Appliance Installation

Our team of licensed and professional electricians can install any of your new appliances. If you need to install a new electrical product in your home such as a ceiling fan or a power point, you can rely on our professional electrical services. Our electricians are highly skilled and accredited specialists so you can be assured of safe and lasting results. Call us to arrange a quote today!

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Heat Pumps

With over 12 years experience installing heat pumps around Hobart and surrounding suburbs, we are your perfect choice for heating and cooling your home or business. We will visit you and advise which heating system will be best suited for you and your property, whether it be Daikin or Fujitsu, a split system or ducted, we have it covered. Call today for a Quote.

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quantum sandum heatpumps hobart

Bosch or Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water

The latest technology in solar water heating, heat pumps are an efficient method of heating your water. Varying greatly from traditional solar hot water systems, hot water heat pumps look much like traditional electric hot water heaters, and extract heat from the surrounding Tasmanian air. This heat is then used as the energy source to heat the water.

Hot water heat pumps do not need direct sunshine to operate, and will produce hot water in all Hobart weather. The efficiency of a Bosch or Sanden heat pump could slash your water heating costs by up to 75%.

Security Alarm Systems & Camera Surveillance

Your family and home are valuable. Statistics show across Australia, a home is burgled just about every minute! Make sure you have adequate protection for your needs. We have a full range of sophisticated security sensors to detect unauthorised entry into specific areas of your home.

These sensors communicate with the Hills Reliance Security System to give you peace of mind. If an intrusion attempt is detected when the system is “Armed”, a loud siren will sound to deter the intruder and draw attention to the situation.  The Hills Video Security CCTV range offers cost effective and scalable systems to suit many high end residential and commercial installations.

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LED outdoor floodlight

LED Lighting

Do you have halogen downlights installed in your home?  Or old fluorescent fixtures in your office or commercial building?  These fittings are wasting your money and are a potential fire hazard.  As an alternative, we can install LED light fixtures and fittings to replace almost any type of light fitting. 

A typical return on this investment is under 2 years.  We like to use M-Elec’s range of LED light fittings.  For options, visit

Electrical Rewiring & Repairs

Does your house have:

  • Metal conduit running to the sockets or lights
  • Round pin plugs
  • An inadequate fuse box
  • Black outer rubber cable
  • Cables chewed by rodents

Are you experiencing:

  • Lights dimming at night

If you answered yes to some or all of these, your house’s electrical system may be unsafe and at risk of fire and should be rewired.  For an onsite assessment and quotation, contact us. 

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Ceiling Fans

Need a ceiling fan installed or repaired?
Call Whitney Electrical for your fan installation and repair, or maintenance needs.
You will become more frustrated with a broken ceiling fan and the sound it generates. It can be quite irritating if your ceiling fans are not working, especially during summer months when you want quick relief from the heat.

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WIFI Solutions

Having Trouble with your WIFI?

We can install high quality WIFI solutions at your home so you can enjoy perfect trouble free WIFI.  We use Ubiquity's range of WIFI devices to build a true WIFI solution to suit your needs

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a switchboard upgrade

Switchboard Upgrades

Tasmania's older homes mostly have age-old wiring systems and now-obsolete fuse boards which function poorly to provide enough power supply to today’s latest home devices.

Whitney Electrical Services offer a professional service to disconnect your old home switchboard fuse boards and conduct switchboard upgrades and switchboard installation support complete with safety switches ensuring you optimum electrical safety.

No matter what type of property your home is, we can install a reliable circuit breaker switchboard installed for your house, unit, townhouse or apartment.

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